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Adult years old?

I don't read many adult books - I don't really consider myself an adult so part of me doesn't think I should be allowed to - still on the rare occasion that I do, they tend to be really good ones.


Earthly Delights

Crime fiction set in Melbourne, really light-hearted and fun. Corinna Chapman is a great character, witty and clever and appreciator of baked goods.  This series is just quirky and fun, the likes of the TV show Pushing Daisies they both incorporate loveable characters, crime and food. Go read this book and watch that show. 

Kerry Greenwood

Good Omens

This book is beautifully blasphemous and fantastically funny. Definitely not for any readers who would find themselves offended by religious jokes. It really is a magnificent culmination of these two writers' abilities to be sarcastic and genuine seemingly in the same sentiment. The narrative voice is my favourite thing like the whole story is being retold by your funny cynical uncle. For a story about angels, demons, witches and antichrists it really is quite human. The characters' intentions and inevitable mistakes are wonderfully honest and the relationships are completely normal in their 'otherness'.

I really feel this is a must read for all!

Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaimen