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Middle Fiction

10+ years old!

Middle Fiction is for intermediate readers, vocabulary that aims to challenge readers to expand their abilities. This is where the stories start to get really good with bigger themes coming into play like friendship, family, mental health and more!


The War That Saved My Life

This book is so astounding, I really enjoyed it, from a kinda-adult perspective it is super meaningful, tackling topics such as child abuse, both physical and emotional, is a brave thing to do and makes this book anything but another war story.

Ada is imperfect and I think that is one of my favourite things about her, she is at times selfish, rude and dishonest yet she is also incredibly brave, strong, resilient and determined. She is incredibly human, and in a relatively short book, it's amazing how multi-faceted is illustrated to be. 

We did this book for book club and on the back of the kids telling me that another book was too sad I was astonished by the popularity of this book. Both Ada's struggle and joy seem to really resonate with readers. 

I recommend this one to 8+ readers, especially if they enjoyed Morris Gleitzman's Once Series or P.J. Palacio's Wonder.


P.S some adults don't like to get this book for their 'boy' readers because of the girl protagonist but like most great books this should not deter anyone from picking up this book as I have found it to be universally popular.

Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

Harry Potter

I was read the first three Harry Potter books as a child, I remember sitting under a camping lamp in a blackout and listening to mum weave the tale of a scruffy, awkward boy discovery his 'weird' was actually his magic. I didn't read the whole series myself until I was in my early twenties, by that time I had seen all the movies and even read fanfiction so I went into it with the expectation of brilliance and I really wasn't disappointed. It's one of those series where the main characters are fine but the depth in the supporting characters and their histories and personality really engulfs you in the world of Harry Potter. Ginny, for example, is probably my favourite character as she comes into herself and grows out of being just the shy girl in the shadow of her brothers and becomes a force to be reckoned with.

I recommend the first Harry Potter book for 9+ every kid is different so if they are sensitive to scary content perhaps save it for 11+ then after that I usually suggest after the third book kids wait till they are a little older maybe 13-14 to read the last three as they do get a lot scarier and more content heavy as the war looms closer and Harry, Ron and Hermione get older. The best reading experience usually happens when you can relate to the characters so matching the reader to the age of Harry (give or take a year or two) is a good guide. 

I'll be writing a list of good books to go onto if your reader loved Harry Potter soon so keep an eye on the Middle Fiction Blog Posts. 

J.K. Rowling

Kat Wolfe Investigates

Review coming soon

Lauren St John