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Picture Books

All Ages!

Picture books are stories and works of art all rolled up into one. Different books are good for different aged kids and have different strengths. Picture books aren't just good for kids though, adults can get just as much out of them. The below list is my favourite books to recommend in alphabetical order by title.


Madeline Finn and the Library Dog

I LOVE this book, as a reluctant, anxious reader as a child, it took me a while to find the joy of reading. If you've read the about page you will know that like Madeline Finn I liked to read to large golden dog, so I know first hand that this is a story that will resonate with children and adults. I think this is a great gift for young readers, it is also a wonderful choice for any dog lovers, children or adults.

Lisa Papp

Illustrated by

Library Lion

This beautifully illustrated story of a Lion finding his way into a Library and learning how to follow the rules, being helpful and listening to stories. But when something bad happens can a library forgive a Lion who breaks the rules? This book is stunning and the illustrations of the Lion are so full of expression and personality you will think you are one of the kids in storytime with him. The message of following the rules, being helpful and breaking the rules to be more helpful is wonderful for young ones. Everyone should have Library Lion in their picture book library!

Michelle Knudsen

Illustrated by